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We have access to a number of both low, and high, ropes courses. Both are fantastic vehicles for personal and team development and are offered as either half or full day sessions; or as part of a wider development programme.

Low Ropes challenges come in a number of different forms, but all are low to the ground and require the efforts and energies of team members in order to successfully complete. Low ropes activities are an ideal way of creating and building upon a supportive and trusting environment, ready for the High Ropes.

High Ropes courses consist of a series of artificial climbing structures built in trees or on poles, varying in height from a couple of metres off the ground to many metres. Designs can be subtly different from venue to venue, but all have a similar appearance. Participants wear climbing harnesses and are attached to climbing ropes for protection.

There are various challenges open to groups and individuals during a High Ropes session and we invite every participant to experience them for themselves within the boundaries of Challenge by Choice. Some of the common High Ropes activities include the Trapeze, the Catwalk and the High All Aboard.

High Ropes sessions are exciting, powerful and sometimes, emotional ones, especially if participants decide to break free from previous limiting beliefs. Many life changing moments have occurred during High Ropes sessions.


Ask anyone who climbs, and they will tell you that there is more to it than simply physical exercise. Many things combine together to make a whole experience; the environment itself, the camaraderie between people, the sense of challenge and the rewards of success.

Climbing and abseiling are very popular activities and can offer many developmental outcomes including:

• Accountability
• Goal setting
• Motivation
• Behaviour exploration
• Confidence building
• Creating an environment where everyone can succeed
• Empathy and understanding
• The impact of language
• Overcoming fears
• We are all different!

Currently our most popular climbing venue is Dancing Ledge, on Dorset's World Heritage Coast, near Swanage. It is a spectacular location offering stunning views and climbing for all abilities.

We are also able to offer climbing and abseiling on an outside purpose built wall in addition to, or instead of, real rock climbing. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


We do not advertise ourselves as Bushcraft experts or a "Bushcraft School".  Such claims are for a few, and must surely, these days be carefully claimed!

Nonetheless one of our most frequent activities is "Bushcraft", after Ropes Courses.

Our background for this curiously named topic is that we have spent, and do spend most of our time living and working in the outdoors. So you learn and pick up skills on the way. Whether you wish to call it "Bushcraft" or "Woodland Wisdom" or simply "Outdoor Ways", there is a knowledge there, waiting to be unwrapped for many people.  As humans, dumped into a modern age, where things can be "fast-forwarded", there comes, for some of us, a time when we need to slow down and connect with nature.  And to do it comfortably, with a reliance on ourselves, our knowledge and skills, and nature - and a respect for all.

We are able to offer many exciting and educational bushcraft experiences, which can span from half a day to many days long. Our courses can cover topics such as:

• The Art of Fire - ancient - modern day techniques
• Cooking on an Open Fire
• Tracking
• Campcraft
• Shelter Building
• Plus many more!

Bushcraft can be easily linked to Key Skill and National Curriculum areas as well as many personal and team development areas.


There is something really satisfying in hearing the thud of an arrow connecting with the target. It is the sound of success; a true aim resulting with the reward. It's the feedback that everything you've done at your end has been right; that all those slight adjustments have paid off.

There must be a metaphor within there, which applies to other areas in life...

Like all of our activities, archery is both great fun and developmental in nature. There are many learning outcomes that can be associated with archery, and many games that can be played in the process.

Archery can be used in many ways, examples of which are shown below:

• Confidence building
• Teambuilding
• To explore the impact of our environment
• To explore gaining, and then maintaining, focus
• Competitive archery
• Improving the coaching abilities of participants

Archery is a very flexible activity, and is able to take place in many locations, both indoors and outdoors.


We have a huge selection of team development exercises, many of which can be used as stand alone activities or integrated into a wider programme.

Sometimes called 'problem solving' or 'initiative exercises', team tasks can be used in a number of ways including:

• To explore both positive and negative behaviours as part of a personal or team development programme
• To begin developing team skills and a further understanding of the processes involved
• To back up and support a wider activity programme

Our Team Development Exercises are easily transportable to any venue, both indoors and outdoors, and are appropriate for all group types.