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"M" - Princes Trust Volunteer, who wishes to be anonymous.

From the tracking course with Dorset Police;-

A great course and a really useful tool. I'll be keeping it up.

Top course and a great way to spend the weekend.

This was probably the best course I have been on in 27 years as a Police Officer.

Hats off to Phil who made the subject, through his knowledge and enthusiasm, interesting and engaging.

It's Kerry from The Prince's Trust team you just had on residential.  I want to thank you for everything, you helped me overcome a massive fear and it has helped me more than I thought would be possible, not just with the heights thing and trusting the rope when I eventually hung on it, but in my life, it's really helped me find some answers to things and I'm so grateful for that.  Thanks for a really amazing week, I was sad to leave!  Hope to see you at our presentation! Take care and thankyou again.
Princes Trust Volunteer

Hi Phil

It was great to meet you, Molly and Helen last week.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect as I have not done anything like this before, but thought all the sessions were excellent and the change in the kids over the four days was amazing.  Seeing the change in people when they suddenly realise they are empowered to do whatever they want is always great.

I have attending a lot of team building sessions and events over the years, some good and some truly awful and even though I knew what was coming when we did the indoor sessions your delivery and presentation style always made it interesting.

Keep telling the stories.  Christine Clark PTV Leader