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Purbeck Rangers


Purbeck Rangers is an exciting new local idea - for local youngsters!


Inspired and encouraged by the success of our Bushcraft days with Swanage Middle School pupils, Green Man  decided to run an exciting, five day Outdoor Course during the Summer Holidays.

The course was primarily aimed at local young people from Purbeck, but was not going to be exclusive. The inspiration for it came from the young people we had connected with, and the conversations we'd had with them. Our idea was, ideally, to form together a group of youngsters who could learn to work together, so they could appreciate and enjoy the natural environment they live in.

The five days was spread over the whole of the Summer holidays, with the intention to give the young people something motivating, stimulating and enjoyable to do, each week.


The days were spent learning essential outdoor skills, which  equipped the young people to be able to live and camp closer to this beautiful land. We aimed to make each day progressive so that one day would lead to the next, adding new skills as we went, and crucially, we  all had fun!

So what did we do?

Day One; 26th July

Basics.  Equipment and clothing.  Water collection and purification.  Responsibility, both group and personal.  1st Aid and 1st Aid kits.  Lost proofing - staying safe.  Radio and telephone communication.  Navigation and map reading.  Journey Sticks.  Wide Game.

Day Two: 2nd August

Building Blocks.  Fires and firelighting.  Camp cooking.  Edged Tools (Knives & Saws).  Shelter Building.  Wide Game.

Day Three: 9th August

The Trackers Way.  Introduction to Tracking. Archery Skills.  Bow Making.  Stalking and Camouflage.  Sika Deer Stalking and Observation.  Wide Game.


Day Four: 13th August

Climbing and Abseiling. This will take place at Dancing Ledge and will be an all day experience.

Day Five: 20th August

Advanced Level. (Only open to those people who have done at least two days with us).  Navigate into camp.  Build Shelter to accommodate you overnight.  Shared Lunch. Group led Archery. Tracking.  Land Art.  Evening Meal.  Night Walk.  Overnight stay in shelters. Breakfast (self cooked). Depart 1000hrs.


Whilst we  laid out a principle programme, we were really keen that the young people construct and develop the five days themselves, taking responsibility for what they wanted to do.  To that end we accommodated ideas and suggestions from our participants, as much as we could.


So what next? 

Well we're hoping to hear in December whether we have managed to secure some funding to continue Purbeck Rangers next year, and into the future.