Spiritual Community Camp Gathering

Merrily meets Dagda

The Wessex Gathering is not a festival, but a camp focused on inviting people to come together over a long weekend and develop a community.

We welcome pagans of all streams and traditions, who come with good hearts and intentions. There is a definite feeling of a meeting of the clans and long lasting friendships have been formed at the gatherings.


Safe Environment For All The Family

Jo Crow and child

Children play an important part of the community at the Gatherings and are welcome.

The environment we develop is a safe one for all. Everyone looks out for each other, making sure people are welcomed and looked after, sometimes fed and watered, lifts shared and so on.


Supporting Local Wildlife Charities

Another important feature of the camp is the support we give to Animal Welfare Causes, which is managed by Sandi Ridge, who aims to support a number of organisations which aim to reduce suffering to animals in many arenas

We hold a raffle on the Sunday afternoon to help raise funds for this work. Gatherers and stall holders are requested to donate items for prizes.