We start the camp on Friday evening at about 7(ish) with a welcoming circle — a good time to meet old friends and make new ones. We organise any extra workshops and talks that people can offer to fit around any already arranged.

Wessex Workshop

With most people arriving on friday, the first structured event is the friday evening music. New performers are always welcome. Spontaneous music occurs all over the field, especially around the main fire.

The days are filled with lots of workshops and talks, ranging from a shamanic journey to a fun percussion workshop. Everyone can join in with as much as they wish. There is a daily craft workshop for children (of any age!).

Fire Labyrinth 2

On Saturday evening, we have a ritual organised by people of the camp

On Sunday afternoon we have the raffle, all the money raised goes to local wildlife charities.

Later that evening we have a bardic cabaret. This is a great chance for you to showcase your songs, stories, poems and jokes (just keep them cleanish until the kids are asleep!)

At the end of every evening many gather at the main fire for drumming, tales, singing and more.

Mass Chillax

Although there are organised events, there is plenty of time to spend meeting old firends and making new ones; relaxing in the sun or under the stars; sharing stories, mead, music and laughter.

For those that want space and time for contemplation (or just walk the dogs) there are woods next to the campsite, plus much more to explore in the local area.