Photo Gallery

These images are a small selection to reflect the events and spirit of the gathering.

Many more images are available on our Facebook page.

Wessex Tipi
Snowy and Child
Gipsy Wagon
Newest camp member and Phil
Trader stall
Wessex Juggling
Naughty Corner
Gnome Workshop
Belly Dancing Workshop
Relaxed Carving
sun and shade dogs
gnome convention
gnome convention2
damh and drums
Drum Display
Fire ritual
Fire and drums
Fire Labyrinth Procession
Fire Labyrinth lighting
Fire Labyrinth
Nina and sandi Labyrinth
Labyrinth Procession
Labyrinth spirit
dagda drums
closing labyrinth
Fire bearer
fire breathing
Fire Poi
Tai Fire poi
Fire show
campfire tales
DWR Auction
consulting the notes
Pentacle Bread
Raffle finale
Norman new home
Fireside Tales