External Links

Green Man – Bushcraft, Tracking & Ropes Training by Phil and Nina Robinson

Chris Hopgood – Exploring the depths of British and American traditional music

Kadia – Dorset Folk Trio

Poppy's Mobile Catering – Combining Saxon and locally sourced food, with a twist

Wild Side of Life – Offering practical experiences in rural skills and crafts

Coranieid – Clan based in Mercia, Wessex and The New Forest

Damh The Bard – Songs of Nature, Myth, and Magic

Dorset Grove – The Dorset Grove Order of Druids

Mercian Gathering – Pagan Camp near Nuneaton in September

Anna Franklin – Highly acclaimed pagan author and High Priestess

Stonewylde – An excellent series of pagan fiction by local author Kit Berry

Stavcamp – Ice and Fire Stav training by Graham Butcher

Dorset Dog Delights – Wholesome Homemade snacks for all dogs

Apulina – Needle Felt Animals and More