Norman's page

Norman The Gnome 1

Hello. My name is Norman. I am the most important gnome at The Wessex. I am so special that Phil and Nina let me in for free every year.

On the Sunday afternoon, everyone gathers to meet me again. They also have a raffle to pass the time too.

I reckon they make quite a bit of money from the raffle, but do I get a cut to go down the pub with? Not a penny! I am told the money goes to Dorset Wildlife Rescue to help my animal friends, which I suppose is the next best use for it.

Norman The Gnome 4

The lucky humans get to win some really nice things that get donated. But there is only one really special winner of the last and greatest prize of all — ME!

I am so well loved that Phil and Nina have to give the winner a free ticket to make sure they bring me back next year. I don't think anyone really minded that a lot of my other gnome friends sneaked in last year too.

Norman The Gnome 2

One of my lucky humans has even put me in a Facebook. but it looks more like a computer than a book to me. This has some the stories of what I get up to for the rest of the year (but only the things I tell the humans about). What I do when they are not looking is my secret.

So come to the Wessex, buy lots of raffle tickets and — for a year and a day only — you may be lucky to win a gnome for your home!